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Your 1st Choice for New Idea of High Performance Gloves.
EASYES GLOVE CO. Ltd started as an industry design and trading company especially for all kinds of gloves in 2007 by two young people who want to find the best solution of hand protection. Leo Zhang focus on Industry design and Nancy Du in charge of marketing growth.
In 2009 insisting in innovation and special functional solution, though under the world background of bad economy, EASYES successfully transfer its role to a realistic corporation with its own built factory. One is in Guangzhou, take advantage of all new material base plant and high-tech workers resource, mainly produce high performance gloves. The other is in GUIZHOU province with a bigger basement production plant.
In just 6 years development,EASYES has grown to be an outstanding glove supplier for professional customers in the world to help them with hand protection solutions.
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